Xe nang hang towmotor

Xe nâng hàng Towmotor, sản  phẩm xe nâng hàng đầu tiên trên thế giới


Lester Sears founded Towmotor Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio in 1919. It was a time when most things relied on brute manpower, especially when it came to the loading and unloading of goods. Like its name suggests, a Towmotor® was a type of industrial tractor that pulled and pushed carts in, out and around warehouses and factories, which greatly increased productivity.


In 1933, Towmotor unveiled the world's first forklift—a vehicle that used front forks to lift and carry cargo while the back of the vehicle was counterbalanced to stabilize the load. What once took hours and thirty men to do, a Towmotor® forklift did with just one driver and in a fraction of the time. Towmotor's "One man gangs," as they were often called, were so popular that all forklifts at the time were generally referred to as "Towmotors."


Thing have come a long way since our first "One man gang." Today, Towmotor continues building exceptional forklifts that are tough, reliable and represant exceptional value. But that's not all. Towmotor is committed to their customers. That's why Towmotor is backed by one of the industry's best after sales and service teams. Talk to a Towmotor® representative today to see how we can help improve the way you handle your materials.